We offer two of our plays in english language for primary school children:

A story about Indians „Kleiner Adler ganz groß“ as „Little Eagle“,
a story from medieval times „Es lebe der König!“ as „Long live the King!“.

Primary school children from the 3. and 4. class usually understand the text and the story.

As a teacher you will receive the text about the play and a vocabulary list for you to know which words to practice with the children in advance. Even if the children do not understand every word they get the meaning by following the action on stage. The kids experience an exciting story with interactive songs and do not realise that they are learning because it is fun.

Walk-Act Willi Winzigman

Puppeteer Bernd Linde shows a funny walk-act with his life-size figure Willi Winzigman.
Willi comes from Germany and is learning English. With his naive and dry-humored way he talks to the people on the street, in school and at an event. Fun for kids and adults!

For further information and pictures take a look at: Walk-Act and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!